Putting CO2 compensation in mOcean

Putting CO2 Compensation In MOcean


Moceanblue is an ecologically inspired start-up, connecting local conservation initiatives with corporate businesses and brands. Their mission is to involve more people and businesses in conserving nature with a main focus on the ocean.

As our world is warming, humanity is faced with the overwhelming task of curbing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Technical innovation is pioneering cleaner methods, but a sustainable alternative for the intervening transition period is to offset carbon emissions through accredited projects. In particular, projects that address our current, unsustainable practices without inviting further environmental problems.

“A valuable material” – seaweed provides an alternative for carbon sinks with multiple benefits

Seaweed farming is one such new innovation that has piqued Moceanblue’s interest and it's already underway here in the Netherlands. Moceanblue has produced a short film on “The Seaweed Farmers” to publicize this local initiative and raise awareness of its awesome benefits: acting as a biofilter, seaweed can remove pollution and sequester carbon from our oceans. It has been named ‘charismatic carbon’, because its benefits extend to counteracting acidification and deoxygenation; regenerating ecologically dead spaces; providing food for livestock; as well as becoming a sustainable source for bioplastics. All in one!

Nature has long been a source of inspiration for human innovation: we look to biological design and we imitate. In a similar manner, we can also learn from the interdependent relationships in an ecosystem when faced with the modern challenges of our own society. Proponents of this methodology are confident it will lead to a more ‘regenerative and sustainable world’ (Guardian, 2015). Moceanblue’s goal is to find sustainable solutions inspired by nature and unlock their potential!

The science is almost there! Now, just the market bottleneck remains. Seaweed farming needs to be acknowledged as a legitimately accredited carbon sink for it to become a viable venture. How can you help support this sustainable alternative? Stay tuned!