Nexio Projects’ Relay Around The Netherlands

Our 2021 fundraiser


In April, Nexio Projects will take part in their very first fundraising event which will help relieve the Covid-19 food crisis in the Netherlands.  

In 2020, 160,500 people sought help from the food bank, over 6% more than the previous year. This can largely be attributed to the corona crisis. Food insecurity is on the rise, especially among entrepreneurs and young people who have lost their jobs. Among others, the pandemic has greatly impacted small entrepreneurs and students. Especially the hospitality and events industry has been hit hard, which is where students often hold down jobs to pay for university, housing, and food. As a result, food insecurity has increased among these groups. That’s why we decided to tie it all together in a relay around the Netherlands for an equal amount of food parcels.

As a team, we are therefore taking action with a round of Netherlands: 1478 km for 1478 food parcels! 

From the 1st of April, the team will cover the outline of the Netherlands in order to raise €7,390. Every €5 is 1 food parcel. 

Each team member will either run, walk or cycle their individual target of within their local area. This means that our team will remain environmentally friendly and Covid-19 compliant.  

Nexio Projects will donate to Voedselbank Nederland to help relieve food poverty. Since the start of the pandemic, food banks have been vital to supply food to those who can no longer afford it. However, since supermarkets have become more aware of their surplus and donations have decreased, they have been struggling to keep up with the increase in demand.  

As an organisation, Nexio Projects cares deeply towards aiding charitable initiatives to help relieve the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, Nexio Projects will match 10% of the money raised. By doing so, we hope to raise awareness and inspire others to do the same. 

If you want to support our participants and this worthy cause, you can give directly through the Nexio Projects’ team page on the Voedselbank Nederland website.